Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frosty Mug {3D Beer Mug}

What's better than a big frosty mug of beer after a long day at the office?
A big frosty cake, of course! (In my humble opinion!) This giant cake was ordered as a surprise for a 30th birthday party. 

And one more photo, just to give a little perspective - this was one GIANT cake!! Three separate cakes stacked vertically - 8 inches in diameter and almost 12 inches tall!! That's A LOT of cake (and would be A LOT of beer)!!

Blue Buttons {Baby Shower Cake}

A darling cake to celebrate the pending arrival of a baby boy. Covered in blue buttons, this cake makes a great centerpiece at a baby shower!

Bow Tie or Tutu {Gender Reveal}

Every once in awhile, someone surprises me with a cake idea that I've never seen or thought of before. This one is the latest - a darling idea for a gender reveal party - Bow Tie or Tutu? A cake adorned with both, and an inside tinted to reveal if the lucky parents will have a future with one or the other! Adorable!

Frozen {Elsa Doll Cake}

My first Elsa Doll Cake. She turned out great, with her cape flowing and her dress sparkling with handpainted metallic snowflakes. The best part of a doll cake is that the birthday girl gets to keep the doll as a toy! And every girl I know under age 8 wants an Elsa doll!

A Modern Shower {Grey Stripe Cake}

I normally don't have photos of my cakes on display, but this one I delivered and setup, so I was able to snap a quick one. A lovely grey and white design for a modern wedding shower.

Pokemon!! {Pikachu cake}

Ryan is a buddy of ours who loves Pokemon... after his party this year he said "I just can't believe you made it look exactly like the cartoon! How did you do that?" Well, Ryan, a decorator never tells her secrets... just kidding!! Pikachu has a very specific shape, so I used an online coloring page as a guide to help cut the right shape out of fondant, and then I hand painted all the details with edible food coloring. Thanks for the compliment, Ryan!! I'm glad you liked it!!

Tennis Anyone {Giant 3D Tennis Ball Cake}

A great cake for a tennis lover on his birthday!

If The Shoe Fits {3D Nike Cake}

Kids are never too old for a cool birthday cake!
A great idea for Jack, who was turning 13!