Friday, March 8, 2013

Where's the fire? {Fireman Cake}

A new take on a firetruck theme - a sweet striped cake with all a fireman needs - ladders, dalmations, firehydrants, and of course, the truck. Love.

Marvel vs DC {Comic Book Superhero Cake}

What to do when you like ALL the superheros?
Have a cake with all of them! Which is your favorite?!

Sleepover {3D Bed Cake}

A super cute 3D carved bed cake for a little girl's 9th birthday sleepover party.
Her favorite thing right now is owls - so a little owl stuffed animal accessorizes the bed perfectly for her! Happy Birthday, Maggie!

Pink or Blue? {Gender Reveal Cupcakes}

A fun way to celebrate your pregnancy - pink and blue cupcakes with a squirt of tinted buttercream on the inside to reveal the gender of their baby!! At the party, each guest picks which color they think it will be - when they all bite in they find out who is right and wrong. In this case, blue was the winner!!

A Good Vintage {Wine Bottle Cake}

Sara is turning into one of my most favorite cake friends - she always orders super fun cakes that I cannot wait to make. I've been wanting to make a 3D wine bottle for YEARS, so I was super excited when she emailed to say she needed a cake for her wine and apps birthday celebration. I adore this design - a lifesize wine bottle, "packed" delicately in a woodgrain box, ready to be popped open.