Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dump Truck {3D Dump Truck Cake}

This is absolutely one of my favorite cakes. I've been wanting to do a dump truck for years, and finally got my first request. Isn't it cute! Little Will is turning 2 this weekend... what a fun cake for a little boy! The best part - this truck is carrying giant sprinkles!

Something New {Jewel and Swag Cake}

One thing I love my job (there are many things) is that each cake I make is different. This cake was especially fun because it has two new techniques that I've never tried before... fondant swags and sugar casted jewels. Neither technique is terribly time consuming, but they are both very precise, so it took me a few tries to get things just right. Here's a closeup of both...

The finished product:

And a sweet smash cake for the birthday girl to match:

Nicknames {Fondant Alligator Cake}

Nicknames are fun... most of the time!! I've had many over the years... Trixie (from my Dad), Petunia (not sure how my uncle came up with that one), Toilet Paper (a friend from grade school), and my least favorite... Pattie Sue (ick... no offense to an Patti's out there... it's just not me).

Well, in her first year of life, Allie has already picked up her first nickname - and it's a cute one - Allie-gator. Adorable! And also the perfect theme for her first birthday cake.

Love the back of this gator -- as always, it's the small details I love!

Yee Haw {Cowgirl with Boots Cake}

Our darling friend Barrett celebrated her 4th birthday this week. It was a tough call on the cake theme... cowgirls or princesses, she loves both. Well, you can tell what she picked... yee haw... Happy Birthday, Barrett!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Shades of Gray {Dot Cake in Shades of Gray}

The story of this order is fun. Anne contacted me to make a cake for her hubby's surprise 40th birthday. Fast forward a week, Anne says her friend Monica (who is a friend of mine) will be picking up the cake and bringing it to the party. Fast forward another week, and Monica calls to tell me it's also Anne's birthday and Monica wants to surprise Anne with her very own cake at the same party. The supriser turnes into the surprisee. Love! What a fun party - and fun coordinating cakes to celebrate both of them!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses {White Wedding Cake with Buttercream Roses}

A traditional wedding cake all in white for a small wedding this weekend. I love the scroll work on the sides, and the pile of buttercream roses on top!