Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas {Holiday Truffles}

Today is one of my favorite school days of the year... the day before winter vacation is ALWAYS fun! PJs, parties, and treats... could get it any better?! My girls delivered these little goodies to their fav teachers this morning... just a little something sweet so they know how much we love them!

Blue Dinosaur {Dino Stacked Cake}

Super cute dinosaur on a super cute chocolate covered cake! Love the colors!

Pinkalicious {Pink Cupcake Cake}

My lovely friend, Blair, has a lovely daughter, Maggie, who LOVES Pinkalicious! Turns out, that's a perfect theme for a 4 year old birthday!! Happy Birthday, Maggie!!

Tink {Secret of the Wings Cake}

Sadly, my girls are growing out of the princess stage... so I didn't even know there was a new tinkerbell movie out this year! It's called Secret of the Wings, where Tinkerbell meets a new friend from winterland, Periwinkle... we incorporated one of the birthday girl's toys into this cake, to show the winter and summer lands the fairies visit. Pretty cute! (Oh, and I should mention... the inside is rainbow layers... yup, so fun!)

Red Elephant {Modern Elephant Cake}

A sweet elephant themed cake to celebrate a 1st birthday!
And a little smash cake for the guest of honor!