Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making of the Fish

Cause I know my friends love to see these... here is another installment of making a 3D cake... at some point, I'll set up the camcorder and do a timelapse of me doing one. I think that would be cool... maybe next go round!!

So I started with an 9x11 cake... cut in half and stacked. Boring.

Carved a basic shape. Not so fish looking yet... but this would be an awesome base for a champagne bottle cake... or an alligator head?! Hmmm...

Added a tail now, carved a little more, and covered in fondant.
Still doesn't look like a fish to me, miniature whale maybe?

Fins have been added, okay, more fishy looking!
And then a little bit of powdered food coloring... almost like applying blush.
Except, you can't wash it off if you're heavy handed. Yikes. Gotta go slow on this part.

And then the detail work: gills, scales, spots, etc... all hand painted or carved onto the little fishy.

And his close up... mmmmm.... tasty!! :)

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