Friday, August 17, 2012

All Things Pink {Cascading Flower Cake with Pops and Smash Cake}

Pink pink pink. This party theme was all about the pink. A beautiful three tiered vanilla cake dripping in pink flowers, some cake pops in the reverse pattern to match, and a gorgeous little rose piped smash cake just for the baby girl to enjoy. The trick to this design was getting three different decorating mediums (chocolate, fondant, and buttercream) all mixed to the exact same shade of pink. (A much more difficult job than you may think!) But look how great they all look together!! Such a pretty display of pinkness!!

And some closeups...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fish Tales {3D Trout Cake}

Is it just me, or do beady fish eyes freak anyone else out?!

Love how this cake turned out... pretty proud of the paint job, especially since I don't own an airbrush yet (hint hint hubbie... christmas isn't too far away... wink wink)! This little guy was hand carved, and hand painted. A labor of love, but oh the final product was worth every minute!

Making of the Fish

Cause I know my friends love to see these... here is another installment of making a 3D cake... at some point, I'll set up the camcorder and do a timelapse of me doing one. I think that would be cool... maybe next go round!!

So I started with an 9x11 cake... cut in half and stacked. Boring.

Carved a basic shape. Not so fish looking yet... but this would be an awesome base for a champagne bottle cake... or an alligator head?! Hmmm...

Added a tail now, carved a little more, and covered in fondant.
Still doesn't look like a fish to me, miniature whale maybe?

Fins have been added, okay, more fishy looking!
And then a little bit of powdered food coloring... almost like applying blush.
Except, you can't wash it off if you're heavy handed. Yikes. Gotta go slow on this part.

And then the detail work: gills, scales, spots, etc... all hand painted or carved onto the little fishy.

And his close up... mmmmm.... tasty!! :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman {Spiderman Cupcakes}

Love love love these spidey themed cupcakes. A selection, of course! The color combo is just great! Which one would you choose?!

Celebrating Seven {Butterfly Cupcakes}

Our friend Ellie turns seven this week. Her birthday request: pink, purple, yellow... oh, and butterflies! Yup, sounds just about seven to me! Love her!

Mini Me {Mini Cupcakes and Mini Topper}

A great reason to celebrate - a 50th wedding anniversary!! TONS of mini cupcakes for the guests (in gold wrappers, since 50 is the golden anniversary) with a little cake for the guests of honor.
Their daughter was putting their original wedding cake topper on the cake, simple and lovely!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

All the Colors of the Rainbow {Rainbow Dot, Stripe, Cross Cake}

Oh, I love a million things about this cake. The colors, the patterns, the dimensions of the layers... it all came together so perfectly! This cake does double duty... to celebrate Evie's dedication this weekend and her first birthday! Not going to lie, this one took a LONG time, but it was worth every second!! (Oh... and just because, a cute little matching smash cake for the birthday girl... love.)

Baby Blues {Blue Sprinkle Cupcake with Monogram Cookie}

One of my favorite friends is having her baby TODAY!! We just squeezed in a shower for Lisa last week, phew!! To celebrate the arrival of baby #3 - some simple cupcakes by me, and a modern monogram by my friend Anne at Sweet La La's. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday {Simple Chocolate Cake}

A simple vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream to celebrate a sister's birthday.

Like Mother Like Daughter

My youngest had a playdate this Friday... which left my oldest alone with me at home for the day. I had a weekend of cakes I needed to finish, so I gave her some choices of what she could do while I worked... not a big surprise, she chose to decorate her own cake! Gotta say, I'm super impressed with her skills at 7 years old. Check out the close up... she did it all herself!!! A family business may be in our future!

Rustic {Bark Buttercream Cake}

Our great friend Brad celebrated his 40th birthday this weekend. His wife Eugenia planned an AMAZING party to celebrate and I was thrilled to help with the cake. Rustic/outdoor decorations were used, so we decided on this "bark" buttercream design.
The flowers and "40" (made from twigs from my yard) were the perfect touch!