Friday, May 25, 2012

Knock Knock {Owl Pops with Smash Cake}

Jokes are big in our house right now, this is my girls' favorite...
Knock knock... who's there?... Who?... Who who?... Is there an owl in the room?? Ba dum dum...
Okay, I didn't say they were good jokes, but it's pretty cute when the delivery is from a five year old!

An appropriate joke to introduce this cute little owl -
it's a cake pop - hand molded and decorated with chocolate. Isn't she cute!!

What's cuter that one owl pop??
An owl pop with a little buddy!!! (Look at the shifty eyes on the pink one, ahhh love it!)

What's cuter than two sweet owl pops?
A whole box of them!! (With matching brown & pink plain pops.)

These pops are in lieu of a cake for a sweet little girl's first birthday this weekend.
But, what's a first birthday without cake for the guest of honor?? No fun at all...
So we made a cute little smash cake coordinate!
One cake pop, sitting in a little cake nest, just waiting for little fingers to dig in!! YUM!!

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