Friday, April 20, 2012

Garbage Day {Carved 3D Garbage Truck}

When my girls were toddlers my friends with little boys would always tell me garbage day was the best day of the week... their little boys would sit at the front door and wait and wait and wait for the garbage trucks to go by... easy entertainment!! So, I can't say I was surprised to get an order for a garbage truck for Rhett's 2nd birthday. I love how this garbage truck turned out... the indent carved out of the back of the truck (where the trash is compacted) with some stray trash hanging out, and the metallic garbage can... oh, so cute! (Probably the only time garbage can be called cute... and delicious for that matter!) Hope little Rhett enjoys his garbage truck!


  1. Kids must have enjoyed a lot !!

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM PDT

    Tricia - we loved the cake, especially Rhett!! He still talks about his Garbage Truck party and the Garbage Truck cake!