Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Ideas...

I'm behind on cake posts... can't seem to download pics off my camera as quickly as I used to! BUT, I did have time to update my "DESIGN IDEAS" page. So, if you're looking for a cake idea, or just like looking at fun and beautiful cakes, click on my "DESIGN IDEAS" tab above. It's kind of like my very own little pinterest board, but here, not there :) I'm really into modern, clean designs right now... and can't resist a design that incorporates an hombre technique (when a color fades from darker to lighter hue). Haven't had any requests for an hombre design yet though... maybe I can convince my sweet Hannah to pick one for her birthday this summer!

(Will load some new cake posts soon - have a few from February still and a full calendar in March!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Basketballs {Basketball Cupcakes}

For a basketball team celebration! Fun basketball cupcakes!!

Choo choo {Colorful Train Cake}

Another sweet train cake. I love the tracks covering the cake board, and the train cars carrying sprinkles! And yes, if you're a faithful blog follower, I figured out a way to use the silver dragees again -- the chains linking the cars together!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rainbow Connection {Rainbow Layer Cake}

A simple rainbow theme on the outside...
With a suprise on the inside!! 6 layers of vanilla cake, colored and stacked in rainbow order! Now that's fun!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beautiful Birdie {Simple Bird Design Cake}

I love this simple design that Caroline's mommie picked out... reminds me of a kids quilt that would be at pottery barn kids. So cute for a first birthday!

Game, Set, Match {Tennis Cupcakes}

Love these cupcakes -- what you can't really see in the picture is the texture on the tennis balls and the "strings" on the teeny tiny raquets. So fun!!

Two Birthdays, Three Cakes {Princess Ballet Themed Cakes}

What to do when birthday sisters share a birthday month, which is also right after Christmas? Make them feel extra special with individual smash cakes and a giant cake for all of their party guests!! I know these little girls felt completely celebrated!!