Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas {Holiday Truffles}

Today is one of my favorite school days of the year... the day before winter vacation is ALWAYS fun! PJs, parties, and treats... could get it any better?! My girls delivered these little goodies to their fav teachers this morning... just a little something sweet so they know how much we love them!

Blue Dinosaur {Dino Stacked Cake}

Super cute dinosaur on a super cute chocolate covered cake! Love the colors!

Pinkalicious {Pink Cupcake Cake}

My lovely friend, Blair, has a lovely daughter, Maggie, who LOVES Pinkalicious! Turns out, that's a perfect theme for a 4 year old birthday!! Happy Birthday, Maggie!!

Tink {Secret of the Wings Cake}

Sadly, my girls are growing out of the princess stage... so I didn't even know there was a new tinkerbell movie out this year! It's called Secret of the Wings, where Tinkerbell meets a new friend from winterland, Periwinkle... we incorporated one of the birthday girl's toys into this cake, to show the winter and summer lands the fairies visit. Pretty cute! (Oh, and I should mention... the inside is rainbow layers... yup, so fun!)

Red Elephant {Modern Elephant Cake}

A sweet elephant themed cake to celebrate a 1st birthday!
And a little smash cake for the guest of honor!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Mini Vacation for Me!!

I know, I know, I've been MIA for a while. But for a really good reason... I decided to take a break and enjoy life for almost a month without a constantly sugar covered kitchen. Glorious!!

But, I did miss all of the creative fun... so back comes the sugar! But only a bit... pulled out my pans tonight to start on a cake for this weekend, and then only two cakes in December (with a handful of fun truffle boxes for hostess gifts). I'll get back into the swing of things nice and slow :)

In the meantime, here are some of the last things I worked on in October... enjoy... and happy holidays!!

Oh the bow!! {Minnie cake}

This cake was for one of my favorite three year olds in Charlotte... my friend Amy's sweet little girl, Charis. Charis chose her very own cake this year, and this is what she chose... right down to the giant red and white polka dot bow. Gotta admit, that giant bow is pretty fantastic!

Last Princess Standing {Tiana Doll Cake}

Over the years I'm pretty sure I've done a doll cake for every Disney princess... with one exception... the new girl on the block, Tiana! So I was super excited to get this order back in October for a Tiana cake. Her dress is layers of fondant, handpainted with silver dust... love how she turned out!!

Something Simple

A simple cake to celebrate a sweet friend who's birthday was at the beginning of November... would you believe me if I told you the simple cakes sometimes are as fun to make as the non-simple ones?!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He Chose Us {Baby Dedication Cake}

Love the verse on this cake for a baby dedication a few weeks ago.

Pink or Blue? {Simple Gender Reveal Cake}

Blue or Pink?!?!? What do you think?!?

Spooky {Halloween Cupcakes}

Some fun cupcakes to celebrate a Halloween birthday! Which is your fav?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Boo {Halloween Cake Pops}

Generally, cake pops aren't my favorite thing to create. They take A LOT of time and can be very tricky to pull off (depending on the design). But I actually had fun making these cute halloween pops. I especially love the ghosts... definitely not too scary to munch up!!

Midnight {Cinderella Doll Cake}

Cinderella is taking the lead in popularity with doll cakes... love how this one turned out!!

Groom's Cake {Labs with Tree Stump Cake}

A unique idea for a groom's cake -
this design celebrates their love of each other, their dogs, and the groom's tree care business.


Tons of truffles for a women's retreat weekend... yum!

Monsters {Monster Truck 3D cake}

An awesome monster truck cake to celebrate a little boy's birthday... with tire cake pops to match!!
Love how this cake turned out... even better in person than in pictures!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spidey {Spiderman Cupcakes}

More Spiderman cupcakes... :)

Chugga {Train Cake with Pops}

Another cute little train cake... I love making these.
This time, with pops to match!!

Glass Slipper {Cinderella Doll Cake}

Doing these doll cakes makes me feel like more of a designer than a baker.
I love sketching out what the fondant ball gown will look like.
Each one, I try to make a little different.
I absolutely love the lines on the back of this dress... funny that my favorite part is the back!

Ruffles {Boy Buttercream Ruffle Cake}

Some requests I get are repeats... and some are first timers, where I have to figure out as I go... this was a first-timer! I'm always nervous before a first-timer... but I'm also always pleasantly surprised by the end result. This was no exception, a gorgeous buttercream piped ruffle cake. Love love love this!! And now I'm hoping this first timer will turn into a repeat... just beautiful!!
A close up...
And the big picture... a party cake with a matching smash for the sweet boy turning one!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Fall Wedding {Striped Shower Cake}

A stacked cake decorated in browns and greens to celebrate an upcoming fall wedding.
This cake will be topped with some fresh sunflowers before the shower. Beautiful!!

Just Beachy {Beach Toy Cake}

The little boy that this cake was made for LOVES the beach... can't say I blame him really... although I'm more of a pool girl, I can always get on board with a good beach vacation. This cake has everything he needs for a day of fun in the sun... Just add the birthday boy!

Yo Ho Yo Ho.... A Pirate's Life For Me {Pirate Treasure Cake}

I'm actually surprised to say I haven't had any requests for pirate cakes yet!
So this one was super fun to work on!! A pirate ship set sail, looking for treasure!!
Love the little details, as always...
the treasure map where "X marks the spot" and the teeny tiny gold coins. Adorable!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ride 'Um Cowboy {Cowboy Cake with Pops}

My adorable nephew, Noah, turned one at the beginning of the month.
His nursery is a darling cowboy/western theme... which also happens to be a GREAT theme for a cake! Sandra picked out a cake she liked, and we surprised her with the cow cakepops to match... cause you're not much of a cowboy without a herd of cows!!
Happy Birthday sweet Noah!!

Love Birds {Wedding Shower Cake}

A monogram design with the cute little love birds. Great for a wedding shower!!
This bride's colors are navy, blush, and cream... love it all together!

Friday, August 17, 2012

All Things Pink {Cascading Flower Cake with Pops and Smash Cake}

Pink pink pink. This party theme was all about the pink. A beautiful three tiered vanilla cake dripping in pink flowers, some cake pops in the reverse pattern to match, and a gorgeous little rose piped smash cake just for the baby girl to enjoy. The trick to this design was getting three different decorating mediums (chocolate, fondant, and buttercream) all mixed to the exact same shade of pink. (A much more difficult job than you may think!) But look how great they all look together!! Such a pretty display of pinkness!!

And some closeups...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fish Tales {3D Trout Cake}

Is it just me, or do beady fish eyes freak anyone else out?!

Love how this cake turned out... pretty proud of the paint job, especially since I don't own an airbrush yet (hint hint hubbie... christmas isn't too far away... wink wink)! This little guy was hand carved, and hand painted. A labor of love, but oh the final product was worth every minute!

Making of the Fish

Cause I know my friends love to see these... here is another installment of making a 3D cake... at some point, I'll set up the camcorder and do a timelapse of me doing one. I think that would be cool... maybe next go round!!

So I started with an 9x11 cake... cut in half and stacked. Boring.

Carved a basic shape. Not so fish looking yet... but this would be an awesome base for a champagne bottle cake... or an alligator head?! Hmmm...

Added a tail now, carved a little more, and covered in fondant.
Still doesn't look like a fish to me, miniature whale maybe?

Fins have been added, okay, more fishy looking!
And then a little bit of powdered food coloring... almost like applying blush.
Except, you can't wash it off if you're heavy handed. Yikes. Gotta go slow on this part.

And then the detail work: gills, scales, spots, etc... all hand painted or carved onto the little fishy.

And his close up... mmmmm.... tasty!! :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman {Spiderman Cupcakes}

Love love love these spidey themed cupcakes. A selection, of course! The color combo is just great! Which one would you choose?!

Celebrating Seven {Butterfly Cupcakes}

Our friend Ellie turns seven this week. Her birthday request: pink, purple, yellow... oh, and butterflies! Yup, sounds just about seven to me! Love her!

Mini Me {Mini Cupcakes and Mini Topper}

A great reason to celebrate - a 50th wedding anniversary!! TONS of mini cupcakes for the guests (in gold wrappers, since 50 is the golden anniversary) with a little cake for the guests of honor.
Their daughter was putting their original wedding cake topper on the cake, simple and lovely!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

All the Colors of the Rainbow {Rainbow Dot, Stripe, Cross Cake}

Oh, I love a million things about this cake. The colors, the patterns, the dimensions of the layers... it all came together so perfectly! This cake does double duty... to celebrate Evie's dedication this weekend and her first birthday! Not going to lie, this one took a LONG time, but it was worth every second!! (Oh... and just because, a cute little matching smash cake for the birthday girl... love.)

Baby Blues {Blue Sprinkle Cupcake with Monogram Cookie}

One of my favorite friends is having her baby TODAY!! We just squeezed in a shower for Lisa last week, phew!! To celebrate the arrival of baby #3 - some simple cupcakes by me, and a modern monogram by my friend Anne at Sweet La La's. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby boy!