Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surfin' USA {3D surfing cake}

I have a feeling if we were on the westcoast, I'd get more orders for a cake like this. Laurie ordered this design for her older brother who turns 40 this weekend, and loves to surf!! I didn't really have any idea how to do a cresting "white capped" wave until I started frosting. But it all came together. My trick -- a thick layer of white frosting under the blue, and when I frosted the wave with a top layer of blue, I dipped my spatula down into the white every few strokes. Not sure if the picture does this one justice - it's much cuter in person!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Polka Dots {Green and Purple Polka Dot Cake}

I haven't done a simple dot cake in quite a while. I love the color scheme of this one. Different shades of green and purple. Hope the birthday girl likes it!!

Red White and Blue {British and American Flag Cake}

This was definitely a unique request -- a cake with both the American and British flags on display to celebrate an English aunt who happens to be visiting her American family over her birthday. Fun birthday :) Thank goodness the flags have the same color scheme... otherwise it would have been harder to pull this one off! I handpainted the flags (harder than it may seem) and used one of my new fun fondant toys to do her hair. LOVE how it turned out!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yellow Rose Anniversary Cake {Fondant Yellow Rose Cake}

My generation is getting to that age where our parents are celebrating major milestones. My friend Anne's parents just hit their 40th anniversary. Amazing!! I'm so excited to have a tiny part in their celebration! Wonder what my kids will do for me on my 40th anniversary?? Hmmm... in September of 2042. (That just sounds crazy!)

"Tomorrow... tomorrow... I love ya tomorrow" {Annie Movie Cake}

Yup, it's an Annie cake!! I love that this movie is still so popular - it was one of my favs growing up, and now it's definitely in the top 5 for my girls. This cake is for a little girl who already, at the age of 2, adores the little redhead. Can't say I blame her!! Happy Birthday, Vivienne!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bzzzz... {3D Birthday Bear with Honey Pot}

I've done a few bears over the years, and I've even done a bear and a bee theme in the past. You'd think this design would get old for me... but it hasn't!! I still love watching the cute little bear take shape... adorable as ever!

Glass Slipper {Cinderella Doll Cake}

Amazingly, this is the first Cinderella doll cake I've gotten a request for - and she turned out just lovely!! (And yes, I'm still looking for any reason to use my new silver dragees -- they work perfect for dress beading in this case!!)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bugga Bugga {Bug Cupcake Toppers}

A few years ago, when my kids were smaller, I remember them saying words wrong, and hoping that they'd never learn the right way to say them because it was so cute. (Hannah would say "Mommie, I can feel my heart beeping." It was so cute, I couldn't help but make her repeat herself a few times... not correcting her a single time.) Well, our friend Charis is that fun age, turning 2 this weekend. And she loves "bugga buggas" (aka. ladybugs). She was in my car this week, riding home from preschool, when I heard her chanting "bugga bugga... bugga bugga... bugga bugga..." I turned around and saw her holding a long lost ladybug toy she must have dug out of a crack in Leah's carseat (side note - wonder what else is in there?) Couldn't help but smile, and ask her over and over what was that in her hand again?! "Bugga bugga!! Bugga bugga!!" So cute!!

These cupcakes are perfect for her 2nd birthday - they may be bug themed, but I'm pretty sure I know which cupcake she'll pick to dig into at her party!! Happy Birthday Charis!!