Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dots and Stripes {40th Birthday Cake}

Love this cake -- it's a combo of flavors (one tier of vanilla, one tier of chocolate peanut butter)and a combo of designs (stripes and dots) -- all done up to match the invite sent out to celebrate Tim's 40th birthday this weekend. I'm guessing he's 5ish in this pic - so cute!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Introducing Carrot Cake!!!

Motivated by a cute bunch of carrots from our summer garden AND a winter bride who wants carrot cake cupcakes, I've been fiddling with a carrot cake recipe for a few weeks. As of this week, I'm super happy to add carrot cake to my flavor list! With or without delicious cream cheese buttercream! I'll take mine with... yum!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fire, Fire! {3D Firetruck Cake with Hydrant}

I'm honestly surprised I haven't had more orders for firetruck cakes. All little boys (and lots of little girls) I know love firetrucks. This is only my third firetruck cake... and they are probably one of my favorites to create. It's all about the detail. I spend hours on the cute little details - I just can't help myself - it's so fun! My favorite on this cake is the little metallic instrument panel on the side of the firetruck. Love love love!!

Ballet {Ariel 3D Doll Cake}

A sweet Ariel cake, for a little girl's ballet birthday party!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three Weeks Off!! {Rainbow & Flower Cupcakes}

Have you missed me?? I pulled out the cake supplies today, and dusted them off, after a 3 week vacation... it was so nice to take a break!! And what better way to start back up than by celebrating my baby's 5th birthday! Hannah has been talking about her birthday cake for at least 10 months, and just about every week the design idea changes. So, this morning we sat down and discussed the "final" design (a baker/client meeting!!) and she decided on rainbow and flower cupcake toppers - that she'd be allowed to help me make!! So we pulled out all the tools, and got down to business. With my two pint size helpers, these toppers took me double the amount of time they would have taken me alone... but it was worth it. I think my girls have a future in the world of sweets!!