Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bugga Bugga {Bug Cupcake Toppers}

A few years ago, when my kids were smaller, I remember them saying words wrong, and hoping that they'd never learn the right way to say them because it was so cute. (Hannah would say "Mommie, I can feel my heart beeping." It was so cute, I couldn't help but make her repeat herself a few times... not correcting her a single time.) Well, our friend Charis is that fun age, turning 2 this weekend. And she loves "bugga buggas" (aka. ladybugs). She was in my car this week, riding home from preschool, when I heard her chanting "bugga bugga... bugga bugga... bugga bugga..." I turned around and saw her holding a long lost ladybug toy she must have dug out of a crack in Leah's carseat (side note - wonder what else is in there?) Couldn't help but smile, and ask her over and over what was that in her hand again?! "Bugga bugga!! Bugga bugga!!" So cute!!

These cupcakes are perfect for her 2nd birthday - they may be bug themed, but I'm pretty sure I know which cupcake she'll pick to dig into at her party!! Happy Birthday Charis!!

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