Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Lady Bug {Stacked Lady Bug Cake}

I got lots of comments last time I took pictures of a cake in the making... so here's another go at it!!

Leveled, torted and ready to start icing...
Looking a little rough around the edges (this is usually the point my girls tell me I've missed a bumpy spot... oh so helpful!)

Cleaned up the buttercream bases.... looking pretty good.

Stacking the tiers... my least favorite part. Always makes me nervous!

Moving on... time for fondant!! How does a little red ghost fit into this cake?

Another tier to stack - hoping I get it centered JUST right.

And now the fun begins... hello little lady bug!! (Made a few attempts on the name, couldn't decide how I wanted it to look - love the end result though!)

This is the point where I start to wonder, will it turn out the way I've pictured it in my head?? I'm not anywhere close yet. So, out comes more fondant and frosting...

Add a bunch of daisies, some grass, and a few more mini ladybugs...

Now THAT's what I was picturing this cake to look like!! Plus a cute little smash cake just for Jada. I absolutely adore this cake!!

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM PST

    Thank you for the tip of putting the fondant on the cake while it is on a glass! Very cute cake! :-)