Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something Sweet - Custom Cookies??

People ask me all the time if I just love to eat cake. Believe it or not, I really don't. I can easily resist a piece of cake at a wedding or birthday (and it's not because I have strong will power)!!

Cake is probably last on my list of favorite desserts (that being said, I can't resist cake batter or warm cake right out of the oven... oh my). Top on my list of desserts - cheesecake (creme brulee cheesecake, to be specific... yum!). Second on my list - a really good cookie. Which is why, when Chris tests out a new recipe, I can't walk by the cooling rack without having at least one (okay, actually three...)

His new cookie test recipe... s'more cookies... oh my... I can't admit how many of these I've eaten in the past two days, it's embarrasing! They are soooo good!! So, while he's working on his cookie arsenal, I'll dream of the day when the kids are through college, and the house is paid off... where Chris will quit his real job (i.e. the one that pays our bills!) and spin off the cookie division of Something Sweet :)

Happy Saturday everyone!! (PS. If you get to my house fast enough, you might find one or two of these cookies leftover... it'll depend on how long I stay in the kitchen looking at them though!)

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