Friday, July 8, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To.... {Film Reel Cake}

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he LOVES movies... and anyone who knows my father-in-law knows that that's where he gets his love of movies from. Opa (as my girls' call him) not only loves to watch movies, but he loves to make them as well - and by make them, I don't mean dusting off the camcorder for the spring recital each year - he'll write a script, scout out locations, get the wardrobe ready, and direct the willing (mostly) participants. This love of movies makes for a fantastically funny footage to show at family events (like our rehearsal dinner)!!

So, to celebrate Opa's love of movies AND his birthday this year, a set of film reels... old school style... Happy Birthday, Opa!

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