Monday, July 25, 2011

Anthropologie {3D Shopping Bag Cake}

One of the most fun things about my business, is making cakes for my friends. Cari turns 35 this week and her fun lovin' hubbie wanted to surprise her with a cake - we had a few options - but this girl LOVES to shop - so how could I not make a shopping bag from her fav store, Anthropologie? Now - for you avid Anthropologie fans out there, I know my final design isn't their current bag - BUT, I really really wanted it to be super fun - so I went old school - white bag, red handle, simple anthropologie logo. Just like this:

I think it's a pretty good match!! Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, and faithful taste tester, Cari!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something Sweet - Custom Cookies??

People ask me all the time if I just love to eat cake. Believe it or not, I really don't. I can easily resist a piece of cake at a wedding or birthday (and it's not because I have strong will power)!!

Cake is probably last on my list of favorite desserts (that being said, I can't resist cake batter or warm cake right out of the oven... oh my). Top on my list of desserts - cheesecake (creme brulee cheesecake, to be specific... yum!). Second on my list - a really good cookie. Which is why, when Chris tests out a new recipe, I can't walk by the cooling rack without having at least one (okay, actually three...)

His new cookie test recipe... s'more cookies... oh my... I can't admit how many of these I've eaten in the past two days, it's embarrasing! They are soooo good!! So, while he's working on his cookie arsenal, I'll dream of the day when the kids are through college, and the house is paid off... where Chris will quit his real job (i.e. the one that pays our bills!) and spin off the cookie division of Something Sweet :)

Happy Saturday everyone!! (PS. If you get to my house fast enough, you might find one or two of these cookies leftover... it'll depend on how long I stay in the kitchen looking at them though!)

Girl Booties {Baby Girl Bootie and Button Shower Cake}

Love this cake - it's all edible - the booties and the buttons! My favorite part though is the "quilted" fondant disk under the booties. The small details area always the most fun!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Barn Repeat {Farm Barn Cake with Farm Animal Cupcakes}

Another barn cake - I just love doing these - they'll never get old!! (This cake served 15, and then was accompanied by 12 cupcakes.)

50 Years! {Wedding Anniversary Tiered Cake}

I love this cake - First because it celebrates 50 years of marriage - amazing! Second because it's a mini version of a traditional wedding cake. And anything mini is just completely cute. This cake serves only 50 - compared to a similar cake I made earlier this summer that served 150 - otherwise they look just about the same!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink Cross {Baby Girl Dedication Cake}

These dedication cakes are quickly becoming one of my most requested designs - but I love that each one is just a little bit different. The cross on this cake is less "linear" than the crosses I've done in the past - I just love how it turned out!

And the Oscar Goes To.... {Film Reel Cake}

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he LOVES movies... and anyone who knows my father-in-law knows that that's where he gets his love of movies from. Opa (as my girls' call him) not only loves to watch movies, but he loves to make them as well - and by make them, I don't mean dusting off the camcorder for the spring recital each year - he'll write a script, scout out locations, get the wardrobe ready, and direct the willing (mostly) participants. This love of movies makes for a fantastically funny footage to show at family events (like our rehearsal dinner)!!

So, to celebrate Opa's love of movies AND his birthday this year, a set of film reels... old school style... Happy Birthday, Opa!

A New Nephew {Baby Boy Leaf Shower Cake}

With all the girlie girlieness at our house, we couldn't be more excited to have two new nephews about to join our family -- this cake is to celebrate Baby Ernsberger, who hopefully will make his debut in August!!

And the close-up, cause I just can't resist!! So cute!!

A Trendy Old McDonald {Farm Cake with Farm Animal Cake Pops}

Kids LOVE farms - the tractors, the animals, the barns - so I wasn't surprised to get another order for a farm theme cake this summer (this one from last year was tons of fun)...

The trick to this new order -- combine the farm theme with the new "trendy" thing in the confectionary world -- cake pops!! (Pretty much a cake truffle on a lollipop stick. If you've not heard of them, check out Bakerella's blog - she's one of the creative ones responsible for take off of these cute mini treats.)

So -- here's the barn -- oh so cute (and choc chip cake inside -- yum yum)!

And here are the pops -- I mean, seriously, aren't these adorable!!

I'm not going to lie -- they took a TON of time. BUT, it's totally worth it and even cuter when you have dozens of them looking at you!

Beckett's fun mamma has a cute idea for the party display, so I'll try to post a pic of everything set up in an update later... in the meantime... happy farming!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's a.... {Baby Ultrasound Gender Reveal Cake}

... boy or girl?? These gender reveal cakes are so much fun! I love being part of such a special surprise!! This is a chocolate cake with pink or blue frosting between the layers on the inside... you'll have to wait for a post update to see which! Congrats Mike and Anna!