Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Her Favorite Things {Gymnastics, IPOD, Basketball, ESPN Cake}

What to do when you can't decide on a favorite theme/design for a cake? Just do a little bit of all of your FAVORITE things! (I feel like I should link the sound of music soundtrack to this post... raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...)

Swish {3D Basketball Cake]

May has been a busy month! 14 cakes in total - which is the most I've done so far. I've loved every one, and this one is no exception! I came across this design years ago, and I've been dying to make it! So, I was thrilled when Ben's mom asked me about a basketball theme cake. Hope Ben loves it as much as I do!!

Congratulations!! {Graduation Book Cake}

To all the 2011 graduates out there -- happy new beginnings!!

Paradise {Island Hammock Cake}

One of my lovely friends, Lisa, had a birthday this week - and her equally lovely (sorry, Forrest, I mean... manly!!) hubbie called me to make a surprise cake for her. I LOVE it when husbands do this - especially when it comes to planning the "theme" of the cake. This is Lisa in her happy place... I mean, wouldn't you be happy here?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bzzzzzzz {Bear and Bees Cake}

One of my favorite college friends is celebrating the first birthday of her cutie pie, Alex, this weekend. We went all out on the cake - to match the theme "bears and bees" - I ADORE the honey pot smash cake. Can't wait to watch him dig in tomorrow! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright Sunshine-y Day! {Sunshine Cake}

Little Murphy turnes one this weekend... and I swear, for 12 months of life, this cutie pie has always had an enormous smile on her face. She rivals Julia Roberts for the title of biggest grin, for sure! Murphy's fun mamma ordered this sunshine cake and small smash cake to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Murphy!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Feet {Girl Dedication Cake}

This is another combo design - a Charlotte mom saw two of my previous dedication cakes, and wanted to use aspects of both. Easy as pie!! (Or cake, in this case!)

A Tiny Doll {Mini Princess Doll Cake}

This mini doll cake is for a little girl who turns 2 this weekend and has just discovered princesses! So, of course, a little princess cake is just perfect to celebrate her birthday! This one is smaller than the other doll cakes I've done in the past - but still just as cute!!

Hamburger or hotdog?? {3D Grill Cake}

Anyone hungry??

I am totally in love with this cake. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off when I started - which makes it so much more fun when it all comes together in the end. Everything you see is edible - the "burgers" (chocolate cupcakes), the hotdogs (molding chocolate), the lid (rice krispie treats covered in fondant), the WEBER logo (handpainted gumpaste), the grates (fondant), and the charcoal (mini marshmallows rolled in powdered food coloring). The only question remains -- hamburger or hotdog??

Yippie-Ki-Yai {Cowgirl and Boot Cake}

One of our friends is having a "Cowgirl" theme party this weekend - love that! So, I made this set of sugared cowboy boots and a cute little girl, modeled out of chocolate, to look like Lila. Can't wait to celebrate!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty Pink Elephant {Pink Elephant Cake}

Finished off the crazy cake weekend with this adorable elephant cake for Emmerson, who turns two this weekend. I absolutely love how the elephant turned out!

Girl Dedication {Girl Dedication Cake}

The second dedication cake for this weekend (apparently Mother's Day is a popular weekend to dedicate babies)!

Boy Dedication {Boy Dedication Cake}

I did almost three years of cakes without having a request for a baby dedication cake... now all of a sudden they're rolling in! It must be the season... :)

Surprise!!! {Boy or Girl Suprise Cake}

My friend Sam is very creative (check out her blog if you have a minute... http://pocketfulofposiespaper.com/) so I wasn't at all shocked that she came up with a super cute idea to find out the gender of her third child.

She has a boy and a girl already, and wanted them to have fun finding out if a brother or sister was on the way... so she ordered this cake, colored on the inside to match the news from her ultrasound, which her tech called me with yesterday. So, the first slice out of this cake tonight will be the big reveal... will it be pink or blue??!! I told you... so creative!!

(Here's the pic from Sam, a few days later!! Congrats, guys!!!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

When MTV actually played music videos... {80s Theme Cake}

... and smurfs were all over saturday morning cartoons... and the rubix cube was the rage... and pac man dominated the arcade scene. It was the 80s, and for better or worse, they definitely brought with them some fantastic fads. I love that Alexsis is turning 16 and wants to celebrate with an 80s themed party. Bring on the hot pink, scrunchies, and sequined glove, girl!!