Monday, August 9, 2010

And the winner is...

Thanks for the posts and emails (sorry the comment function didn't work for so many of you... what can I say, cakes are my thing, not computers!)

So, the answers to the game (how many of the below went into my cake serving 215 this June):
Eggs: 33
Butter: 16.5 sticks (over 4 lbs!)
Pow Sugar: 12 lbs

And the winners are:
Stephanie guessed 40 eggs
Rebecca and Amy TIED guessing 16 sticks of butter
AND Rebecca guessed right on with 12 lbs of powdered sugar!!

Congrats girls!! Now I know who to call when I'm overwhelmed with orders :) I'll be in touch for delivery of a box of delicious cake truffles.


  1. Yay!! Who knew I was such an accurate guesser?! You'd think I actually use an oven to cook instead of a microwave. :) Hope you had a good vacation!

  2. i am so excited!!!! how sweet- i can't wait to taste the reward! thanks