Saturday, August 28, 2010

Need ideas??

Check out my new blog page "Design Ideas" (linked under the blog header)!!

I'm constantly coming across cute cake pics - some I search endlessly for, some are magazine clippings from doc offices, and sometimes I get them from virtual strangers who know I'm in the cake business.

This new page is a collection of a few of these "ideas" that I hold onto because they're cute, unique, clever, or just something that I want to do one day.

So - take a look - and let me know if you're ever in the market for the chicken cake. The girls and I think it's HYSTERICAL!

Moving... {Stacked Moving Boxes Cake}

Our friend Nikki moved into her own place this month - and she's having a party to celebrate!! The best part about these moving boxes is they are MUCH more fun to unpack :) Congratulations, Nikki!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A plug...

I have lots of talented friends... Sarah is one of them. She was sweet enough to spend some time helping me create the logo that appears on my blog, on my cards, and on my cake boxes :) She's been doing custom graphic design for a long time, and has just assembled a site with some samples of her work.

If you're in the market for stationary, labels, logos, stamps, business cards - you name it she can do it! Click on over to her new blog and check it out!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Berry Good {Strawberry Shortcake Cake}

She's small, she's sweet, she's cute and she LOVES strawberries... who's that you may ask??

My little Hannah of course!! A sweet Strawberry Shortcake design for my sweetie on her 4th birthday! (Oh my where has the time gone?)

This cake is all edible with the exception of the doll (thank you to McD's for having Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meals a few years ago!)

A Little Luau {Hawaiian Luau Cupcakes}

4 dozen cupcakes...

Plus palm trees, flip flops, and lei flowers....

Equals CUTE luau cupcakes!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Flavors!!

Just pulled some delicious samples out of the oven and am happy to say I have two new flavor offerings to officially add to my basics (vanilla, chocolate, almond):

Chocolate Chip (vanilla cake with mini chocolate chips) and
Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate cake with peanut butter chips) - YUM!!

Leah has declared Chocolate Chip as her new favorite! I have a few more flavor combos in the works (lemon, chocolate mint and maybe a carrot cake) so stay tuned!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

And the winner is...

Thanks for the posts and emails (sorry the comment function didn't work for so many of you... what can I say, cakes are my thing, not computers!)

So, the answers to the game (how many of the below went into my cake serving 215 this June):
Eggs: 33
Butter: 16.5 sticks (over 4 lbs!)
Pow Sugar: 12 lbs

And the winners are:
Stephanie guessed 40 eggs
Rebecca and Amy TIED guessing 16 sticks of butter
AND Rebecca guessed right on with 12 lbs of powdered sugar!!

Congrats girls!! Now I know who to call when I'm overwhelmed with orders :) I'll be in touch for delivery of a box of delicious cake truffles.