Sunday, July 25, 2010

The game...

I've had some people email me that they can't post comments :( Not sure what's up with that, I just fiddled with the settings though, so that might help. I'll definitely include all your guesses via email to

So keep 'em coming!! I have some guesses that are pretty close... and some that are not... haha!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hiatus... And a fun little game

Heading on vacation for 7 whole days -- sooooo excited!! So no cakes this or next weekend! I haven't had two weekends off since January!! So, for all you blog followers, a little game to keep you occupied during my hiatus...

A Cake Statistic Game --
So, the biggest cake I've done so far was the black and white wedding cake this June:

Here's the game - post a comment with your guesses for the stats below, the closest in each category wins a delicious sampling of cake truffles!! (Non-Charlotte folks, don't be shy - not sure how the truffles will travel by mail, but I'm willing to give it a try!) Post by next Tues, July 27th.

What you need to know - this cake served 215. It measured 20 inches tall. And weighed over 35 lbs (not including the stand). Happy Guessing:
  1. How many large eggs were used?
  2. How many sticks of butter (FYI, 1 stick = 1/2 cup)?
  3. How many lbs of powdered sugar to make the frosting?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Curious... {Curious George Cake with Balloons}

Don't you love something that never goes out of style? Curious George has been finding himself in precarious situations since 1940! 70 years, Amazing!! I'm pretty sure this little gumpaste George won't last more than 70 seconds!! What a fun theme for a birthday party!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sugary Shoes {Gumpaste Shoes and Shoebox Cake}

First gumpaste high heels I've ever done - I love how they turned out! Jen's sweet hubby ordered this cake as a surprise to celebrate her 30th birthday this weekend... I can't wait to see her face at the big party! (You can't see this in the pics, but I had fun with the details on this cake - the UPC is her birthday, the brand is "est. 1980" her birthyear, and the shoes are "Made in New York" where Jen grew up. Love it!) PS. Thanks to Rodney Stoner for the awesome pic from the party!!!

G-O-A-L {3D Soccer Ball Cake}

A fun cake for our friend Rich who is a HUGE soccer fan... perfect for the big game this weekend! The soccer ball is covered in vanilla and chocolate fondant and the grass is piped in buttercream.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chugga chugga... {Modern Train Cake}

... Choo choo!! Need I say more?? A cute little train for Beckett's 2nd birthday (with polka dots to match the plates)!

Dots and Hearts {Dot Cake with Hearts and Smash Present Cake}

A different take on what's becoming my signature cake design... the dot cake is back, but with little hearts here and there to celebrate Mackenzie's successful heart surgery and first birthday!!

Fight Like A Girl {Pink Ribbon Cake}

Amy, who goes to our church, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I don't know Amy well enough to know her favorite color, her favorite food, or her favorite book. But one of the things I do know about her is that she's surrounded by amazing friends, which means she must be pretty amazing herself! They ordered this cake for Amy to have tonight - if you want to read more of Amy's story, here's her Caringbridge site:

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