Friday, February 5, 2010

Pet Party {Animal Theme Cake - Bunny, Hampster, Mouse, Snake, Frog}

If you haven't had the pleasure of planning or attending a children's party in Charlotte, man are there a lot of options... art parties, tea parties, ballet parties, jumping parties, playset parties... I thought I'd seen (and heard of) them all... BUT my friend Mindy found one that I hadn't heard of for her daughter's 8th birthday - a pet party!! Some guy loads up all kinds of "pets" (some that I would NEVER consider as a pet option in my house - I'd draw the line somewhere before rodents and reptiles... but that's just me!). So he comes to your house, and lets the kids play with his various caged friends... how cute is this cake for a pet party!! It was so hard to decide which pets to make though... Chris was voting for a turtle, but I vetoed and chose the hamster... ohhhh cute!! Happy Birthday, Olivia, have fun!!

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