Thursday, February 11, 2010


Anyone who knows my husband also knows his sweet tooth. The man can eat more cookies in a single sitting than anyone I've ever met (I won't even tell you how quickly a bag of oreos can disappear around here, it's gross)... so, that being said, you know there is a LOT of excess cake around here when he can't even keep up with it and I end up with bagfuls in the freezer. So, desperate for freezer space, I've been looking for ways to use my leftover carvings. Solution One - biscotti (cut and rebake the excess then dip in chocolate) - the verdict was good. BUT, still with freezer space in high demand, I went looking for Solution Two - chocolate dipped cake truffles. Jackpot - these little delights are just too easy to pop into your mouth while walking through the kitchen, and sadly, seem to disappear faster than oreos!! But, with good timing on this last batch, they made for GREAT valentines this year, and thankfully are out of the kitchen!!

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