Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Hero... {Guitar Hero Cake}

In the age of TiVo and DVRs, the Harris house rarely sits through commercials these days... however, some of my current favs are the Guitar Hero ads where celebs re-inact the famous Tom Cruise guitar scene from the Risky Business. I think the reason I find them so funny is that my hubbie and his pals (although not celebrities) also LOVE to play this new trendy game and look just about the same rocking out in the family room. So, when the Riches asked me to make a guitar hero cake for Ryan's 29th birthday, how could I refuse! Ryan wanted the Beatles Gretsch guitar version -- so here it is -- this is not only the longest cake I've made but definitely one of my new favs (the pic hardly does it justice, it was just too long to capture all the detail well)! ALMOST realistic enough to pick up and play -- although you'd be a little sticky by the end of the first set - haha.

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