Monday, August 31, 2009

Surprise!!! {John Deere Tractor Cake}

Okay, I know I've made tractor cakes before, but let me tell you why this was sooo HARD!! This cake was for a joint 60th surprise party for my parents... how do you make a surprise cake for someone using their very own kitchen???? Well, fortunately, my nephew Jackson has the same affinity for John Deere tractors as my Dad, and he also has a birthday coming up this week. So under the guise of an early celebration for Jackson, I made a tractor cake which in this case would be equally as loved by both Jackson AND my Dad. So as not to give away the surprise, I made all the "mom & dad" specific details at home, and carried them with us on the plane. With a little bit of distraction, I was able to place the last few details (that would have been surprise spoilers) on at the very end without giving it away!!

And here's a pic of my parents, holding their "mini-me's" -- isn't the resemblance uncanny ;) haha

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